Organic Coconut Flour 1kg Naturseed

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  • QUALITY: It comes from coconuts from Sri Lanka, certified by the European Union as organic. Gluten free, Low carb. The same quality as our extra virgin coconut oil.
  • PROPERTIES: its high fiber and protein content make coconut flour a great ally in the kitchen, as well as not containing gluten, being low in carbohydrates and being the perfect substitute for conventional flours. It contains lauric acid (protects the immune system), manganese … In addition to its satiating effect. It is less allergic than almond flour and more stable with high temperatures.
  • PRODUCTION: From our coconuts in Sri Lanka, we take out the meat and heat it without exceeding 39 degrees, in this way we maintain the properties of the coconut. Then we crush it very fine, to get the flour.
  • USES: Less quantity is required than the rest of the flours, it is used in pastries, breads … It absorbs liquids which does not make any other flour. Keto, Paleo, diets


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